If you believe that you have experienced unlawful discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or sexual harassment at school, you have the right to file a complaint.

Before filing a complaint, you can discuss your concerns with the principal or with the school district’s Civil Rights Coordinator:

Mr. Neil Varble,, 983 Boistfort Road, Curtis, WA 98538, 360-245-3343.

This is often the fastest way to resolve your concerns.

Complaint to the School District

Step 1.  Write Out Your Complaint

In most cases, complaints must be filed within one year from the date of the incident or conduct that is the subject of the complaint.  A complaint must be in writing.  Be sure to describe the conduct or incident, explain why you believe discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or sexual harassment has taken place, and describe what actions you believe the district should take to resolve the problem.  Send your written complaint-by mail, fax, email, or hand delivery- to the district superintendent or civil rights compliance coordinator.

Step 2.  School District Investigates Your Complaint

Once the district receives your written complaint, the coordinator will give you a copy of the complaint procedure and make sure a prompt and thorough investigation takes place.  The superintendent or designee will respond to you in writing within 30 calendar days – unless you agree on a different time period.  If your complaint involves exceptional circumstances that demand a lengthier investigation, the district will notify you in writing to explain why staff need a time extension and the new date for their written response.

Step 3.  School District Responds to Your Complaint

In its written response, the district will include a summary of the results of the investigation, a determination of whether or not the district failed to comply with civil rights laws, notification that you can appeal the determination, and any measures necessary to bring the district into compliance with civil rights laws.  Corrective measures will be put into effect within 30 calendar days after this written response – unless you agree to a different time period.

Appeal to the School District

If you disagree with the school district’s decision, you may appeal to the school district’s board of directors.  You must file a notice of appeal in wiring to the secretary of the school board within 10 calendar days after you received the school district’s response to your complaint.  The school board will schedule a hearing within 20 calendar days after they received your appeal, unless you agree on a different timeline.  The school board will send you a written decision within 30 calendar days after the district received your notice of appeal.  The school board’s decision will include information about how to file a complaint with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

Complaint to OSPI

If you do not agree with the school district’s appeal decision, state law provides the option to file a formal complaint with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).  This is a separate complaint process that can take place if one of these two conditions has occurred: (1) you have completed the district’s complaint and appeal process, or (2) the district has not followed the complaint and appeal process correctly.  You have 20 calendar days to file a complaint to OSPI from the day you received the decision on your appeal.  You can send your written complaint to the Equity and Civil Rights Office at OSPI:

Email:  Fax:  360-664-2967

Mail or hand deliver:  PO Box 47200, 600 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98504-7200

For more information, visit the Equity and Civil Rights website or contact OSPI’s Equity and Civil Rights Office at 360-725-6162/ TTY:  360-664-3631 or by e-mail at

Other Discrimination Complaint Options
Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education
206-607-1600 TDD:  1-800-877-8339  OCR.

Washington State Human Rights Commission
1-800-233-3247 TTY:  1-800-300-7525