Emergency School Closures & Winter Bus Routes

During extreme weather conditions, please listen to the radio or television for information regarding school closures. Tune into radio stations KELA (1470 AM), KITI (1420 AM), KMNT (104.3 FM) and LIVE 95 (95.1 FM) as well as televisions stations KOMO (CH. 4), KING (Ch. 5), and KIRO (Ch. 7) for up to date information.

Flash alert is another way to be alerted to school closures and delays. Flash alert messages can be sent to your cell phone or email. You must sign up yearly at Flashalert.net.

When “snow routes” are in effect, the buses will not travel on Curtis Hill Road, Radmaker Road, Wendling Road, Hubbard Road, Moon Hill Road, Ceres Hill Road, Parker Road and Beaver Creek Rd.

Students will need to meet the bus at the bottom of the hill or the intersection of the road.

Please be advised – If in-person school is canceled due to weather, school will be held virtually for all students.